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Forest Trees

About Camp & Mayville Friends of Camp Inc.

The entire Mayville 6th grade class is taken to Camp Anokijig, located in Plymouth, WI, about an hour away from Mayville. Students, teachers and other camp staff stay at camp Monday-Friday, including overnight, and have three meals per day, snack breaks and nightly entertainment. During the week the students attend environmental education classes which include: Forestry, Water Study, Horseback Riding, Outdoor Survival, Fishing Techniques, Geology, Adaptations, Predator/Prey, and more. These classes follow the 6th grade Curriculum.  The classes provide opportunities for campers to meet professionals in environmental education. Memories made during camp week last a lifetime!  Ask any Mayville 6th Grade Camp Alumni about their favorite camp memories.

Forestry Class

Tradition Continues

at Camp Anokijig

Mayville School District's 6th grade camp program has been around for 40+ years. Teachers, Mayville alumni,  parent volunteers, community members and environmentalists teach environmental classes, prepare food, and help with making camp week possible. 


6th Grade camp costs about $35,000 per year, on top of what the school district covers. In past years, 6th Grade families sold magazines, cookie dough, wrapping paper and other products to raise funds for camp. In 2023, our fundraising will include one fundraising event, grants, scrip sales and donations from families, friends, community members, alumni and businesses.

Camp Tshirt banners
Terri Fuller Retirement Celebration,previous director


Phil Sadowski was a 6th grade teacher for the Mayville School District for 43 years, and was the founder of the Sixth Grade Camp. When Phil retired from being the camp director, Terri Fuller took over. 

Terri directed 6th grade camp from 2010-2023. Terri valued and kept the traditions of camp including; high school counselors, class structure and nightly entertainment.

CURRENT - 2023


In April 2023, the previous camp director, Terri Fuller, announced that she would be stepping down. During camp week, Joshua Butler, Courtney Renderman & Jamie Kummer started brainstorming the future of the camp program and creating a Board of Directors to organize the camp program. In August 2023, Joshua Butler and Courtney Renderman have been named the Co-Directors for the 2023-2024 6th Grade Camp Program.  We are excited to announce we have established a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization called Mayville Friends of Camp Inc., to fund and support 6th grade camp for Mayville Elementary School and their outdoor science education program. Joshua, Courtney, Jamie, Nicole Schaefer & Ted Hazelberg are the current board members of Mayville Friends of Camp Inc. We believe that there are better ways to raise the funds we need than door-to-door product sales. We are honoring the camp traditions by leaving the camper experience the same but are looking to have community members get involved. We are looking to make camp a lasting part of our growing town with our new changes.

Josh & Courtney, new co-directors
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